International delegations from the education sector

The international networking is paying off in many fields. Thus through the agency of the partner companies Asia Pacific and China Profis, several delegations from China came to visit FORUM in the second half of the year. The objective of the visits was to familiarize the guests with the workings of the dual system in Germany. With the help of these meetings, FORUM could sharpen its international profile and is now a well-known German educational institution to many education experts in China.

Foremantrainings 2012

in another round of Forementrainings, FORUM together with ist partner college IVT provided, like in the previous year, professional training on the topics of role awareness, communication, leadership and teambuilding. As trainer on board again were Nikolaus Petersen and our Chinese expert Qin Ling. Our head of department/trainer Mrs.Patricia Henkel also conducted parts of the training courses, which provided professional training for a total of 74 participants. The contents of the second round were more compact than in 2011 and with the help of several case studies tailored to the training needs of the respective companies. We received great feedback and another round of trainings for 2013 has already been scheduled.

Chinese delegation visits FORUM

After numerous visits to Suzhou, the members of our international team finally had the opportunity on to reciprocate the so often experienced hospitality of their SIPIVT partner college and its employees from Suzhou. A five-member delegation, headed by Vice President Sun Yaokun, visited Forum on its trip to Germany. Dr. Helmut Riethmüller and his team welcomed the guests the FORUM headquarter. After the warm welcome the partners evaluated the results of the joint foreman trainings in which took place earlier in Suzhou. They also discussed future prospects and avenues of cooperation. In the evening, the guests were introduced to the Berliner Eisbein, a classic Berlin dish, where both sides saluted their partnership with a glass of German beer.

In-house Seminar at Kulicke&Soffa

After the successful training series for foreman in the Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone, FORUM conducted an in-house training at Kulicke & Soffa - a leading international producer of ceramic tips for semiconductors. From November 12th-14th , 30 supervisors of Kulicke&Soffa from received a 3-day training in the areas of "role awareness", "communication” and “leadership" by our expert team Mr. Edmund Damm and Mr. Qin Ling, himself engineer and translator training. Modern methods, the ability to precisely align the curriculum to the special trainings needs of the participants and the opportunity to share their concerns and challenges in a protected environment, resulted in active participation and a very fruitful working atmosphere.

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Foremen Trainings successfully launched

The first of a series of trainings for workers employed in companies located in the Suzhou Higher Education Town has been carried out by FORUM International and SIPIVT college on the new campus in the week from 19.-25. of September. The participants learned about their role as foremen, and acquired skills in leadership, communication, teambuilding and workplace organization. Trainings will resume until the midst of November.

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First Foremen Class Graduates September 2011

Foremen training to take place in September and October 2011

The schedule for training 150 foremen from enterprises in the Dushu Lake Higher Education zone in Suzhou has been set. FORUM will hold four one-week seminars in cooperation with its partner, the IVT college, at the following dates:

week 1: 19.09.-24.09.2011; week 2: 26.09.-01.10.2011; week 3: 10.10.-15.10.2011; week 4: 17.10.-22.10.2011

Hooray - FORUM wins its first tender!

Together with its Chinese partners FORUM has won a tender on May 20th 2011 held by the Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone. As a result, the administrative body of the zone will bear 50% of the training costs for 150 foremen from companies located in the Dushu Zone. The training courses will be held later this year.

Kick-off event Foremen skills

On October 11th 2010 we presented our new seminar in Suzhou in front of more than 100 representatives from local enterprises. The event received positive appraisals from all sides which conformed our assumption that the Foremen seminar will meat with great demand.

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Foreman Skills

For the official market launch in the Shanghai and Suzhou region, FORUM International, in close cooperation with SIPIVT College and the Human Resource company Humanpool, organizes Inhouse Seminars for foremen. The seminar will have the following focus:

Seminar overview