Training of Trainers (ToT) Soft Skills

Trainers learn FORUM training methodology and how to train the FORUM Soft Skills course

Course Description

In the Training of Trainers (ToT) course “Soft Skills”, trainers will be trained in FORUM training methodology as well as best practices and content on how to train FORUM training module “Soft Skills”.

Your Benefit

•Our courses lead participants to a solid qualification as trainers and enable them to use the new skills for their professional work.
•Trainers will learn modern teaching methods, reflect their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn from each other’s experience.
•Participation in the Training of Trainers course will be certified by FORUM, a recognised German training institute.
•Trainers can apply for the training pools of FORUM India and Indian partner institutions for further assignments.  

Who should apply?

•Companies and Organisations wanting to upskill their training staff
•Professionals in Retail or related fields wanting to work as trainers
•Trainers wanting to improve in the field of Retail training

Training Subjects

•Concepts of modern learning
•Introduction to basic training methods and knowledge transfer, debriefing and reflection
•Basics in interpersonal communication, practical experience and reflection
•Preparation, execution and evaluation of small training sessions


Selected from pool of FORUM Master Trainers

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