Training of Trainers: Cash Register Management

Trainers learn how to train the FORUM Cash Register Management course

Course Description

The retail sector is one of the most important and fastest growing industries in India. There is a huge need for reliable, customer-oriented and competent cashiers. Our training is line with the requirements of the Indian retail sector. Participating trainers learn how to train cash handling and settlement. It is just the right training to enable trainers to train new recruits or further train current staff to become excellent cashiers.

Your Benefit

•More sales with trained staff
•Higher commitment
•Less staff turn-over

Who should apply?

•Companies and Organisations wanting to upskill their training staff
•Professionals in Retail or related fields wanting to work as trainers
•Trainers wanting to improve in the field of Retail training

Training Subjects

1. FORUM Training Methodology

2. Cash Register Management

• Structure and function of modern cash registers and scanners
• Legal Basis of the cash activity
• Proper cashing for speed
• Billing on department keys
• Settling daily accounts
• Inventory control system
• Practical scheme to recognise counterfeit money
• Bagging and managing queues


Successful participation in the training will be attested by a qualified certificate, stating the scope and content of the course. Trainers and auditors need to obtain a licence in order to train the above mentioned module or execute the final assessment.


Selected from pool of FORUM Master Trainers