Training of Trainers (ToT)

An outstanding trainer combines professional excellence and expert training methodology with first-hand knowledge on trainee requirements. Train your trainers!

Course Objective

The course promotes a systematic and effective approach to plan, design and deliver training. FORUM's Modern Training methods will raise the professional knowledge of attending trainers to a level of international excellence. FORUM trained trainers will, in turn, guide their students to excellent learning success.

By attending the course, your trainers will

  • Strengthen their individual training capacities in order to plan, design and deliver effective training
  • Improve existing training concepts in order to increase motivation, comprehension and retention of their students
  • Use the time in the course to prepare and professionalize their own next training program
  • Have the opportunity to become a trainer certified by FORUM International

Content Details


  • Learn how to plan and structure a comprehensive training course
  • Define objectives for learning sessions and use a set of tools to reach them
  • Preparation of training materials and equipment


  • FORUM Learning Cycle and application of adequate methods
  • Building up trust and confidence
  • Learn how to deal with different levels in a group
  • Apply activating methods to integrate everybody in the group
  • Keep an arc of tension over a training period to maintain the students’ energy level
  • Discover how to create an effective and motivating learning atmosphere
  • Observing and supporting the learner


  • Evaluating students’ learning success
  • Evaluating training quality
  • Drawing conclusions for next / further training programs

The course will be a balanced blend of theoretical input and practical application. Participating trainers will get the chance to prepare and deliver a short training session and receive professional and constructive feedback. There will also be ample opportunity for trainers to share their experience and learn from their peers. They will meet an international team and get access to an expert network which will come in handy for future challenges.

Target group

The program is aimed at training institutes and companies with a critical demand in trainer capacity, who want to upgrade their training structure and foster talent. FORUM trained trainers can act as multipliers in their respective training departments.  In developing the program, we also focused on the challenges of international standardization faced by globally operating enterprises, so skills once learned will yield the best possible applicability.