Training of Instructors (workplace trainers)

Expand the professional and pedagogical skills of your instructors!

Course Description

The success of a company’s human resource management significantly depends on the personality as well as the technical and teaching skills of its instructors.

Instructors are experienced employees that take up the responsibility of integrating new recruits into the company by training them at the workplace. They are their first contact person for technical and organizational questions and guide them to quickly learn the processes and requirements of the company. Inside larger training schemes they provide the practical in-house instruction and coordinate with the involved trainers.

In addition to the personal and professional competence, an instructor should have educational, legal, organizational, psychological and methodological knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively instruct new recruits.

In our comprehensive course, which is in line with the high German standard of the German Instructor Aptitude Regulation (AEVO), participants will be trained in these core competencies.

Who should apply?

Companies that want to skill their instructors

Training Subjects

1. Examine training requirements and plan training
a. Aim and benefits of workplace training
b. Vocational training as part of the education system
c. Plan training according to recruitment needs
d. Selection of training programs suitable to for the company
e. Qualification of the company for workplace training
f. Cooperation of those involved in training.

2. Prepare training and participate in the recruitment of trainees
a. Aims and content of training planning
b. Determine need for cooperation and coordinate with training partners
c. Establish criteria and procedures for selection of trainees
d. Prepare vocational training contract and cause the registration of the agreement with the competent authority
e. Examine possibilities for the delivery of training content abroad.

3. Carrying out training and creating a good learning atmosphere
a. Design a motivating start to the job training
b. Develop learning and work tasks from the training plan
c. Select appropriate training methods and media
d. Individually design training
e. Assist trainees in learning difficulties
f. Identify conflicts and work towards solution
g. Assessing trainee performance and conducting assessment interviews
h. Promote intercultural competence.

4. Completing workplace training
a. Prepare appropriate examinations
b. Issue certificates
c. Properly conclude a training
d. Give information about further training opportunities
e. Participate in examinations.



Successful participation in the training will be attested by a qualified certificate, stating the scope and content of the course. It testifies that the participant meets the high German standard of instructor training.

Trainers / Tutors

Selected from pool of FORUM trainers


40 training hours