Tourism Management Training

Skill your staff to meet the requirements of economic growth!

Course Description

The tourism industry isn‘t immune to rapid developments that are affecting all industrial sectors. The greatest challenge now facing the tourism sector is how to successfully merge traditional trade and the demands of modern lifestyle to create a premium product with an international reach.

Global competition presents management teams and owners with ever more opportunities, but also, ever more risks. Well trained employees are the biggest asset of the modern enterprise. Our training modules therefore focus on the key skills for tourism professionals.

Your Benefit

• Increased quality of service with trained staff
• Higher staff commitment
• Less staff turn-over

Who should apply?

Tourism companies

Training Subjects

• Development of target group oriented tourist programs and events
• Customer advice and support
• Development of marketing and advertising concepts
• Domestic and international tourism
• Information and booking systems
• Geography and History
• Intercultural communication
• Ecotourism: Impact and Sustainability
• Legal Framework

Trainers / Tutors

Selected from pool of FORUM trainers