Professional Retail Training

Skill your staff to meet the requirements of economic growth

Course Description

Based on up-to-date learning theory and teaching knowledge the training program applies an action-oriented approach:
→ True-to-life reference situations are important for professional practice (learning for and from action).
→ Practical exercises relate to the working context (learning by doing not by observing).
→ The trainee actively plans, executes, evaluates and corrects his actions within a training.

Your Benefit

  • More sales with trained staff
  • Higher commitment
  • Less staff turn-over

Who should apply?

Retail companies wanting to upskill their staff

Training Modules

Identification with a retail business in order to increase sales

•    Collect information on own retail business step by step
•    Compile, reflect and present information related to the retail business
•    Gain motivation, initiative and „hands on“ mentality

Customer relation & services
•    Understand customer expectations and increase level of satisfaction
•    Lead professional customer oriented conversations

Managing cash counter
•    Cash counter handling process
•    Bagging, managing queues and handling other services at a till
•    Recognise counterfeit cash reliably

Advanced communication in retail
•    Handle customer call
•    Prevent and handle objections and complaints

Leadership and management skills in retail
•    Take up role and responsibility as a senior retailer
•    Supervise, guide & motivate sales personnel/ teams
•    Solve conflicts

Loss prevention
•    Identify hygiene, health and safety hazards
•    Managing food safety by applying international concept of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

International Retail
•    Intercultural communication (in teams and with customers)
•    Best practices


Selected from pool of FORUM Trainers