Updating a Vocational Training Center

Brush up your vocational training tools and methods to stay ahead of competition!

Your Benefits

• Improve learning methods, results, experiences
• Gain reputation as a Qualified Partner of FORUM, a renowned German vocational training institute
• Achieve better job placements for your trainees
• Increase the value of your trainings. Move up market!

Program Description

With its longstanding experience in vocational training, FORUM is your partner for brushing up your Vocational Training Center (VTC). FORUM develops a customized service package which might consist of one or more of the following:
• Overhaul of VTC concept
• Streamlining Administration
   a. Quality Management
   b. IT-System
• Updating of curricula according to new industry needs
• Rethinking training program– Considering new trades
• Developing a business plan including feasibility study
• Setting a schedule for VTC renewal
• Training of Trainers courses
• Training of Coordinators courses
• Training of Instructors courses

Upon successful implementation of the service package and the institution’s commitment to
• the FORUM Guidelines for Quality Training
• the Dual Principle of Vocational Training (the combination of theoretical instruction and practical workplace training)

it will be accredited as a
“Qualified Training Partner of FORUM International”

In addition, FORUM offers individual assistance in running your VTC, e.g. certification of trainees, quick Check-ups


Selected consultants, coordinators, trainers from FORUM pool


Determined due to requirements and negotiations