Specilisation Course International Marketing

A comprehensive 3-month program in International Marketing that enhances your career prospects

Your Benefit

  • Learn how to apply marketing knowledge to international situations in an increasingly global marketplace
  • Use time efficiently with e-learning based modules that allow you decide when and where to learn.
  • Directly transfer the know-how from theory to practise


The distance learning course consists of 3 study units, which form the core elements of the course. You will receive two formats of the study units: a) Print copies comprising 100 pages each, and b) Access to the web-based e-learning modules. The elaboration of case studies will be supervised by and Indian lecturer. Online tutoring with German marketing experts takes place regularly. There will be two contact classes one at the beginning (opening) and one at the end of the course (presentation).
Certificates will be awarded through FORUM International, which is an accredited training institution in Germany, upon completion of the following:

  • Three study units including one test each.
  • Elaboration of a case study and presentation

Duration of course: 3 months
Workload estimate: 7-10 hours per week

Who should apply?

  • Owners / managers of companies that plan to enter a new market or that want to expand internationally
  • Marketing staff of companies that are planning an international marketing strategy
  • Nominated employees of companies that want to provide training as an incentive
  • Students / individuals who aim at an additional specialisation in international marketing

Training Subjects

Study Unit 1: Basics of International Marketing

  • Introduction to International Marketing
  • Determinants of International
  • Marketing Decisions
  • How to enter the international market?

Study Unit 2: Marketing-Mix in an International Context

  • Characteristics in product policy
  • Challenges of Pricing
  • Decision-making processes in distribution

Study Unit 3: Intercultural Communication in Marketing

  • Basics of communication
  • Significance of intercultural marketing communication
  • Selected marketing instruments in an international context
  • Practical experience in intercultural marketing


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