FORUM Activities in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous African country and is rich in oil and gas. Its economy is growing fast but is witnessing a shortage of skilled labour. Vocational education and training (VET) has a huge potential and will contribute to further economic development. Currently, FORUM is planning a Vocational Training College (VTC) in Lagos with a local partner.

FORUM Berufsbildung, the umbrella organization of FORUM International, has fundamentally shaped the concept of VET in Germany in the last 25 years. Based on this long-standing experience FORUM International offers the following customized products for companies, training institutes and organisations worldwide:

• Consulting / Management services for implementing VET
• Advisory services concerning curricula development
• Development of learning material
• Training programs 
• Training-of-Trainers courses
• Coaching programs

FORUM Quality Standards

  • Governmental Guideline for Approval and Authorization of Further Education Services
  • European Computer Driving License
  • Governmental Central Agency for Distance Learning
  • Association for Independent Health Consulting