About Us

FORUM Berufsbildung has 25 years of valuable experience in the educational sector in Germany. Back in 1985, when FORUM was founded, the main focus was on the health, nutrition and natural food sector, an area where FORUM soon became the most important independent vocational training institution for the health food retail sector in Germany. Conducting courses on health food and organic products is still a major part of the FORUM educational portfolio.

Over time the scope of business has vastly epanded. Today FORUM covers a wide range of educational areas, offering courses and seminars e.g on business economics, computer literacy, setting up businesses, social welfare/non-profit and the retail industry and so on.

In order to give more people the chance to benefit from its unique Know How in the educational sector, FORUM, along with its long-term partner GPB, has set up an international network for education programmes abroad. For management and coordination of international activities FORUM International was established.

FORUM International has set out to promote its innovative system of customized modular education by highly qualified personnel based on customers needs, implemented with profound expertise gained from 25 years educating people in all fields of traditional and modern industry.